Case Study

Case study that will help you to understand brokerage and M&A services work. Keep min that due diligence is very important and sometimes we save money and sometimes we don’t. However, we help our clients in acquiring the business.

Case Study Company:

Synopsis is a division of Intelisales. has been in service since 2018. They needed to expand their plumbing and electrical services as a bidding service. They needed to acquire a relatable domain name which is catchy and brings out a brand.

Problem needed to acquire domain name. However, it was with another domain. It was also expired and was selling it for a higher price.

Solution provided business brokerage and M&A service to and saved them 67% of the actual domain acquire fee (DAF) besides our brokerage fee.

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Chaynuk provides business listings. You can easily sell your any virtual or brick and mortar business, such as pan khoka, chai dhaba, any shop, clothing store, medical labs, xray labs, diagnostic labs, hospitals, showroom businesses.

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