Chaynuk Telephone Support

Chaynuk Telephone Support is available to our paid clients. There is no telephone support for non-paid or free users. However, any user can always email us at Furthermore, we call our customers when they sign up to verify their identity and business. Moreover, once you are signup, an Account Manager is assigned to your business. That way, you can communicate with them easily and directly.

What consists of Chaynuk Telephone Support?

  • Signing up process with
  • Password reset.
  • Business profile setup after signup.
  • Buyer and Seller Due Diligence Services – an extra cost is associated with these services.
  • Professional photoshoot of the shop or an office for the business profile.
  • Professional content writeup for the business profile.
  • Meetings with the business brokers, advisors and lawyers.
  • Paid advertisement assistance – an extra cost is associated with these services.
  • Social media management – an extra cost is associated with these services.

Chaynuk Email Support

Any user can always email at for any support. We will gladly assist you in your questions and inquiries. At, we communicate fast and update our customers accordingly to the best of our knowledge. Legal Partners


We assist individuals and startups understanding the development and creation of a company in discussion-like forums. For more information please visit We believe in innovation, product acquisition, talent retention, and supply change development that can benefit an entrepreneur. Many stakeholders must benefit in order for an entrepreneurship ecosystem to be self-sustaining. First of all, the formal education is not needed for an entrepreneur, however, it helps an entrepreneur to make an informed decisions.

Furthermore, a formal education and training in the skills such as plumbing work or electrical work is important as compared with no experience at all. Fostering an entrepreneur is our core objective. An entrepreneur creates opportunities for innovation. This innovation is creating a value to the society. The result is an outcome of an entrepreneur ecosystem. 

Mumtaz Web Entrepreneur Ecosystem or MWEE handles all the legal and accounting services for MWEE can assist other individuals or groups in achieving other startup goals.


Intelisales offers telephone and email support. We cater telemarketing and startup businesses. For more information please visit Intelisales provide call center consultancy. We can assist from 1-seat to several seats call center setup. We have over ten years of experience in the call center industry. Intelisales can offer our expertise on data and voice services. We provide dedicated assistant from follow-up calls to email support or data solutions in spreadsheets.

KARACHI HOST – !آپ کے برقی میزبان

Karachi Host is found with the love of the Karachi city. We provide several services in domain registration and hosting industry. For more information please visit Do some thing different today! Our focus is to provide industry based domains and having a .COM domain is too general. We are in a Not Com Revolution! Now you can choose from specific, relevant, domain name endings that identify your business, your industry, or your passion. You don’t have to rely on .COM domain name. Other companies provide generic domain names. Karachi Host is focusing on industry specific domain names. Karachi Host is part of an entrepreneur ecosystem.