Selling Business in Pakistan

Selling Business in Pakistan from is a process. Valuation! can’t emphasize more on valuation of your business. You need to appraise the actual financial value from an appraiser.

You just can’t simply assume that a seller wants to sell for this price. A seller need to reduce the assumption and work on the actual facts in the market. The data an appraiser gathers, will tell you more insights about your business. As a seller, you need to have different approach on your business.

Some steps are below.

Business Valuation

There is no one answer and not a hard and fix rule. It’s not straightforward process. The appraiser is looking into sales, debts, business assets such any machines, trademarks, intellectual property to identify opportunities and setting up a realistic price.

Organize Financials

Small businesses run on cash flows. As a seller, you need to gather all of your financial documents and sit down with you accountant to figure out the numbers. Having complete documentation doesn’t mean you can sell it easily. What about the future of the business when a buyer purchasing it? Can the business grow after your sale?

Increase Sales

Healthy income streams and multiple revenue sources are attractive. A business can have several products and services. Each product and service can generate a revenue. As a seller, you need to itemize all these and list the revenue. At the same time; the seller need to increase the sales as well.

Exit Time

The exit strategy comes before the time of sale. A seller has to be proactive in order to sell. For example, you may need to increase the sales, the branding, and the customer loyalty for future. How well the staff is trained for the buyer if the buyer retains them? Can they close the sales quickly? Can they meet the bottom line each month?

Find a Business Broker

A business broker can assist you with the following.

  1. Business valuation, exchange and due diligence.
  2. Assisting you with directing sell-side due diligence to guarantee an effective close.
  3. Promoting and finding expected purchasers, incorporating posting your organization with different commercial centers to expand the purchaser pool and get you the most ideal price.
  4. Help purchasers secure subsidizing by taking advantage of the huge organization of monetary foundations and private loan specialists they work with.
  5. Help to arrange great arrangement terms on the deal.
  6. Another significant obligation of a business broker is guarantee the confidentiality of the interaction.
  7. Probably the hardest piece of the selling cycle is directing due diligence. A decent representative will keep you on target and guide through the whole cycle so you can zero in on maintaining your business.

Qualify Potential Buyers

Most buyers do not purchase directly. They use third-party lenders. These lenders can be family members or financial institutions. As a seller, you need to pre-qualify all the sales. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Has the buyer secured the funding to purchase business?
  2. Is the funding source a family member or a financial institute?
  3. Ask buyers to submit financial documents showing they have enough funds to purchase.
  4. Does the buyer has any business experience?
  5. When will the buyer purchase the business? What is the timeframe of purchasing the business?

Selling Business in Pakistan from

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